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The Permanent Voice Foundation assists those in need with a safe environment to become independent and confident in their life. Our foundation provides FREE referral service to legal representation and assistance for families during their time of need in the court process.

Therapeutic Sessions with professional Life Coach and Therapists, providing a range of services from:


  • Daily Life Situations
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Situations
  • Legal Situations: Court required Anger
  • Management, Domestic
  • Violence, DUI services, Parenting Skills
  • Training, Supervised
  • Visitation, Court Ordered Counseling for any/all family individuals
  • Outpatient Counseling
  • Intensive Outpatient Therapy for addiction and general mental health
  • Understanding Grief & Bereavement
  • Dealing With Emotions & Feelings
  • Coping Strategies
  • Acceptance



Hustle PHX is an initiative of The One Institute, LLC, a registered 501(c)(3) in Arizona established to educate business leaders in doing business for the glory of God and the common good. Some of the best natural entrepreneurs in the United States are in underserved urban communities. They are called hustlers – visionary risk-takers who seize the opportunity to move product and turn a profit. They have the God-given skills, attributes, and talents of an entrepreneur, but they lack key resources needed to create sustainable businesses that benefit the broader community. At Hustle PHX, we want to let the hustlers hustle – for the common good.


Motivated by Christian faith, we encourage the creation of sustainable business ventures that affirm the dignity of people and lead to the flourishing of all communities in Phoenix.

Through our program, we provide a limited number of carefully selected entrepreneurs with three essential kinds of capital: Intellectual Capital, Social Capital, Financial Captial.


Zion Institute works to build capacity in both non-profit and for-profit social entities. With access to our partners, training and resources they are empowered to serve the community in a more meaningful way. Since 2014, dozens of new businesses, service providers, and ministries have come to life in order to serve the South Phoenix communities. Zion Institute is “the well” from which community development and relationships flow. We provide support and resources for the development of individuals, working to break the cycles of generational poverty and foster an improved quality of life.

Driven by faith, perseverance and God’s grace, a renewed community and its marketplace will spring up and flourish.



UMOM’s expansive continuum of services empowers us to tailor programs and services to meet the specific needs of each family or individual. Together, we can meet our ultimate goal of permanent, affordable housing. Services include.


  • Educational Services
  • Workforce Services
  • Job Training and Placement
  • Health and Wellness
  • Children Services
  • Youth Outreach and Engagement
  • Housing Support

UMOM is in the business of placing a home within reach. Wherever possible, we employ the ‘Housing First’ approach, moving people into housing as quickly as possible. Once in housing, we address the issues that led to homelessness.

The housing first approach has a proven track record and is often among the best ways to end homelessness.
We use several types of housing and housing programs to aid families, youth and women.


At Eaton-Cambridge our goal is to help you gain clarity and confidence around your financial goals, so that together, we can build a Bright and Confident Future for you and your family.



Every project deserves a builder with an expertise in attention to details, budget management, and time efficiency. Being a family owned and operated company, everyone is treated like family, our team, our clients, and our vendor partners alike. Leone Builders is committed to building a long-lasting relationship with you. That’s Leone Builders.


When things affect our fellow Americans or our city or children, it’s up to us to step up to the call. We need to be socially conscious and engaged. We created Hustle Clean to make a difference in the lives of those making differences. We’re a purpose-driven team inspired to help the next wave of holistic hustlers bring their dreams to fruition with clean and convenient products. The dreamers inspired to do more and be more, not only for themselves but also for their families and communities. We know body wipes can’t change the world, but we also know that giving someone the dignity of a shower substitute (when a shower isn’t accessible) goes a long way.


Million Dollar Teacher Project was established October 2016 as a mechanism to strengthen schools in Arizona.  The work of the organization revolves around the principle that the most cost-effective and sustainable way to improve schools is to direct more resources and support directly to the teaching profession, so schools have the ability to attract great talent into every classroom.  The mission of MDTP is to elevate the teaching profession through increased recognition, compensation, and support.  Our vision is to create a world where every student is taught by a highly trained, qualified, understanding and engaged teacher.

Recognition, Compensation and Support are the three pillars that we develop community-centered, grassroots approaches around to push the needle forward in the teaching profession, schools, and the education system.


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