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General FAQ

The investment business plan, current market, available buyer options, and potential up-leg property options, will all determine the time to refinance or sell an asset. As the manager, Game Day will analyze those situations, talk to current investors, and determine what is best for the property and partners.

Exterior renovation (Facelift), Rebranding and updated signage, Increase lighting and security, Interior – reconfigure space and update and modernize, effective management, know the neighborhood, create partnerships, increase occupancy, apply RUBS, increase rents, and be creative.

On almost every asset. Using a loan is usually cheaper than buying all cash, which means more cash flow.

Can’t give away my secrets haha. In all seriousness, we build and foster relationships with any and all industry professionals, far and wide, leading to awesome opportunities.

Residential valuation is based on the current comparable set and feeling, and also lacks efficient scalability. Commercial valuation is based on income. There is less feeling involved and the ability to scale.

Using on-site managers and third party property managers. The Game Day team will travel to see properties in frequently. 

Yes, we use attorneys for almost everything from contracts / agreements, to title matters, to disputes, to zoning clarifications / changes.

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